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Bohai Middle School
Bohai Middle School has always been a hidden dragon and a tiger, and even the teachers who work here are very individual. Today, this small series is a live report for everyone. Because of the limited space, teachers who have not reported can not hate. (The top cover is ready to escape the lens and is aimed at the history teacher. Now the students should pay attention to the smile of the history teacher. If the current version is a romance version, then the text that matches it will be "he laughs, If you are a martial arts version, if the martial arts version is at this time, the written text will be "the smile of the mouth, but no one knows when he will shoot in the next second." Unfortunately, the layout is now the campus version. The classmates said that it was a "smirk", meaning that someone was about to suffer. So sure, the pleasant voice of the next second history teacher echoed in the classroom: "Well, Huang Zhihao, you come back to this section." Suddenly a whispered resounding sounds, and the named face stood up tragically because the scene happened too high in the history class Wholesale Cigarettes, so the history teacher��s "smile" looks like everyone��s endorsement and sleepiness. The magic weapon of combat "The students pay attention to...", when the evening self-study, the voice of the geography teacher's excitement sounded from time to time. The energetic teacher's energy is so strong that I am always amazed. In the class, the teacher��s high-frequency lectures are the best among the teachers. He took the book and didn��t even breathe and talked about it. He also matched his body language from time to time, and he was impassioned. Therefore, he often left the class. In ten minutes, he has already finished the lecture Cheap Cigarettes. Compared with other teachers, after dragging and ringing for several minutes, it is really a fighter in the teacher. Although the geography teacher is so diligent, the geography of our class still does not take. Lazy student PK machine teacher, you guess who will win at the end of the period Parliament Cigarettes. When the chemistry teacher steps into the classroom, there are always gossips who will look at his empty hands. Now the lens is zoomed in, yes, you have not It��s wrong. The chemistry teacher��s hands are really empty, there is no chemical book, and there is no such thing as a textbook. This is also the biggest feature of his class. Without books, no books, just one lesson per class, everything is OK. The good guys have proofread his books and books, and the correct rate is as high as 99.99...%. This is not enough to make people feel the profound skill. The way he lectures is also funny enough. West pull. It seems that Dong La Xi Tie is an indispensable part of every high school teacher's lecture, but whispered, this also satisfies the hearts and minds of many of us. The chemistry teacher has a good eloquence and a good eloquence. A prelude to a chemistry class. People often say that chemistry is a liberal arts in science. According to the way he teaches now, I don��t deceive me. Today��s liberal arts teacher reports here. Please pay attention to the next issue of Science Teacher. Combat
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