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The new year ha
The new year has begun and we are welcoming new semester and new hopes. In the last semester, our class achieved good results under the careful education of the teachers, learned a lot of knowledge, and learned a lot of truths Marlboro Lights. In this semester, we will learn more indignantly and repay with more excellent results. The teacher��s dedication to us and the care of our parents. On the second day, we faced even greater challenges, because we added another physics class, which accounted for a considerable proportion of the scores. If it was not easy to learn, then this course became a very powerful division. (Tragic ~ In general, learn from the lessons of last year, this year has to change a lot, let me slowly come first, the English listening is not good, this is my English project, in order to strengthen the hearing, I have to pay close attention to each I listen to English tapes in minutes. For example, on the way to school, before I study, I will wear my ear to listen to English. So when the teacher sees me like this, don��t think that I am listening to the song, otherwise I will be too embarrassed~~ Also, after the second day Marlboro Red, biology and geography were canceled, that is to say, all the subjects that I were not good at the sub-course were left. At that time, in order to avoid such a tragic situation, I had to strive to learn history and politics. It's not difficult to take notes and back up the texts, because I used to back them. The most important thing is that they won't be applied. What should I do? I think I have to do more questions and summarize them! (Insurability, week Let's ask the teachers. These small problems are solved. The most important thing is the language Marlboro Gold. Our great Mandarin is not good. If you are so reluctant to go to college, you will be laughed!! What to do! Fortunately, there is a Excellent language teacher, he The class is very "calling". With him, it is not too difficult to improve the language scores, but it is better to learn by yourself!! In the new semester, we have to do better than last semester. I made the following for myself. Plan: First of all, we have to come and play every morning, then read and back the text carefully. Second, carefully complete the assignments arranged by the teacher during the class, and then go out to play after the homework is done, and the words on the homework should also be written. Be clear and tidy. Third, concentrate on listening during class, and actively raise your hand to speak. Don't be in the classroom, but the heart seems to fly outside. Fourth, if you don't understand the problem, please ask the teacher or discuss with the classmate. Fifth, after going home from school, I have to finish my homework first, and then I will review the knowledge I have learned this day. Sixth, when other teachers are in class, they cannot be obedient as if they were teachers. It��s better to be like a teacher, even better. Eighth, break the civilized break between classes, don��t make noise, don��t make the classroom dusty. Ninth, after the homework, do more work Point to extracurricular books. Tenth, take the initiative to do a good job of health, the student logo should be neatly arranged with these ten new semester plans, our results will be better and better. In this way, the teacher will not waste money on our efforts. , we will not live up to the expectations of our parents.
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