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I, the enlightenment
I, the enlightenment of love, began in the spring rain. In the third year of high school, I went to school in the children's school of the eleventh construction company in the province. The class teacher is a chemistry teacher. Seeing his first sight, I can't say that he is good or not, because he can't say good. A few days after entering the school, I accidentally saw him walking with his wife. I confirmed that he was really embarrassed. He was still standard, and there were more than 175. It was the bumpy face, like the loess high slope. . And his wife, tall, beautiful, gentle, introverted, in the present words, is an intellectual woman, but also a virtuous wife. Such a combination of beauty and beast may be a tragedy? I can't help but feel aggrieved for his wife. Although I am a short student, I never want to sit in front of the row, I like to shrink in the last row, the corner, and try to fight for a person to occupy a whole table Marlboro Cigarettes, not the same table. In class, specializes in the back of the tall boys in front, blocking themselves, the best teacher can not find me. After class, I wouldn��t go to the teacher like the other students, and ask this question. I don't ask, there is no problem to ask, I don't need to ask if I understand, I don't know what to ask. When the teacher slid around the aisle in the classroom, he stopped at my desk and looked at me deliberately. I guess I looked at me with doubt. But I don't look at him. I should bow to dry up. It is estimated that he is really boring and he is gone. This kind of indifference to the teacher must be the teacher's neglect. I didn't ask me about class. I didn't pay attention to me in class. As I hoped, my student would not have thiophene. When the results of the first mock exam came out, the first night of self-study, the teacher of the class teacher went to my desk and sat down at the table in my desk. I asked me softly: Study habits here Parliament Cigarettes, what is not? Understand, you can ask him, if there is anything you need, you can find him. I just nod and don't talk. In fact, for the teacher in charge of the class, in addition to his appearance, I have accepted him from his first class. Although he was long and rough, he said that the standard Xi'an mandarin, soft and soft, green, I think it is very beautiful compared to my vinegar-smelling Mandarin with a strong earthy taste. Therefore, when I was in class, I didn��t have to look up. Just listen mokingusacigarettes.com, every word he said, I listened to it, and I heard it very comfortable and especially beautiful. Later, I stayed at the school for a long time. After seeing the teacher��s class, I was in front of the faculty��s dormitory building, smashing the briquettes, and eating the stove. I heard the children of the school chatting during the class, saying that the teacher had a son and said that the teacher had There are family rumors that are widely circulated in schools: a family of three men, a woman is a treasure; I heard that the two sons of the teacher��s family have shared the chores from an early age. Therefore, after class, the most beautiful scenery that I am eager to see is The teacher is a husband, as a father, a busy figure; I am also eager to see his wife Marlboro Gold, the feminine woman's femininity may be developed in this way. For her, my initial grievances became a little envy and envy. Before that Cigarettes Online, I have never seen a happy family. After that, the impression of a happy family has stayed there. Love, this beautiful word that dominates life, when did I start to know and start to yearn for it? Imagine, also in the second semester of the third year of high school, after a spring rain, an old word appeared in the school's newspaper, the author is the teacher in charge of the class and his wife. The first sentence I remember: Hun Chunyu. At that time, I was quietly copying in a notebook, taking classes, taking classes, and often looking over. Wonderful verses, like a wonderful spring rain, make me cute, such a couple, such a family, such a spring rain, such a verse is love.

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