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Sometimes, we know that the person who hurts us is not worthy of tears for him, but since I have paid for my feelings, sometimes tears are not for him, but for myself, for my own love, for those who love myself. , and feeling. After passing through the tears, the fate will change and the feelings will change. The direction of love will change. Some loves will not feel regret even if they are injured, because love is the feeling. It��s rare to meet a love that makes us always concerned, and it��s rare to have a love that people want to retain. The most beautiful feeling in the world is the feeling of love. The love of love and unrequited love is a sad way. Although sometimes, being loved will be happy, but there are many times when being loved is a burden. A big brother I know, he is in love with a married woman. The crazy move makes the woman feel fear. Over time, the woman will not talk to him, and she does not even want to have any words and phrases with him. In the end, he burst into tears and wrote a lot of poems to the woman, but the last two people broke completely. I once advised the big brother to cherish the people in front of me Cigarettes Online. I don��t want to provoke those romantic debts, but he seems to have a cold on my little sister. I feel that I am too naive. I don��t understand the world Parliament Cigarettes. In fact, if I want a copy of myself, With a simple feeling, don't waste a lot of emotions. In the end, there are very few people who cherish you Newport 100S. In fact, there are many people around us, or there are many people in the heart, but the people who really stay in our hearts are gone. There is only one love Cigarettes For Sale, it is the lover we need most in our hearts. Maybe we will pay for love before, but in the end, we find that true love has not yet come. People around us are just just about it. We love it very superficially. There is no attachment in the heart, no deep feelings in the soul. Therefore, many people will find a lot of excuses for the affair. In fact, the most beautiful affair is the emotional situation that can't help but the two sides are emotional at the same time Marlboro Lights, instead of one side single-love, paying everything but only thinking, it is not an affair, at best it is just self-love. Only. When people who truly understand love encounter an affair, they will have impulsiveness, but more is a sensible act to fulfill each other and help the loved one to restore the family. If you insist on interfering with other people's families, the happiness you get from hurting another person's feelings will not last long, because happiness is built on the suffering of others, that happiness is not blessed, and finally because of each other's Pay too much, and can't bear the pressure to lead to the end of separation, let others suffer, and they will not be happy. Sometimes, when you think about it, life is awkward. In addition to the time of work, the time we leave for ourselves is short, and it is easy to keep the emotions. It takes a patience to keep a good feeling. We need to endure loneliness, loneliness, and fade away in passion. There is only the dullness and loneliness that accompany the passing of life, and it will feel very boring. Sometimes, when you meet the right eye, it will inevitably produce feelings. However, once you are emotional, you will be out of control, and the consequences will be your own. Unpredictable. Once the damage in the emotional world is caused, it is like a mirror broken, it is very difficult to return to the past, even if you use your blood to repair, you will find that the broken part can not find some, when you make up Only then will it be found that it is still broken. The heart is already incomplete. In many cases, I will choose a new one. Because when I am young, my feelings are the most fragile. After some feelings are broken, I don��t need to make up for it. The compensation will only be tormented each other. In fact, letting love A way to live, don't leave shadows in everyone's mind is the best choice. If you are doing it, you are responsible for your actions. Don't look after you, don't hurt this and that. Still thinking about the blessing of the people. Maybe the bamboo basket will be empty. Feelings are the most unpredictable things. When the tide of love flows to the other side, there is only dead soil on the other side. The cruelest thing is that a person completely renounces a person from his heart, then the rescue of this love. There is only one way, then it will be completely separated. If you persist in struggling to go on, it will only be a more painful torture, and it will only make people more intolerable. Perhaps in this process, love becomes a hate and makes more cruel physical injuries. The most cruel thing in the world is that the two people who once fell in love have become enemies who have not given each other. When the essence of love gradually deteriorates, when the tide of love has already flocked to the other side, when the most important person in life becomes the most redundant person, when the traces of love gradually extend to the abyss of sin, when love only When it becomes an excuse, then we will find an outlet for love, let the former love become the most contemptuous cloud, and bless the two to find new lovers in the days to come.
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