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In my memor
In my memory, my family used to have a kerosene lamp that illumined my childhood, teenager. I was born in the 1970s and belonged to the 70s. In my childhood, the country was poor in all aspects of the economy and material. Every family had a similar day, and there was not much difference between the rich and the poor. Buying things by ticket, buying cloth, buying meat, buying food, and buying daily necessities must use tickets. The children have not heard of it now, and they do not know the hard years of that time. My hometown is in Daxinganling, where winter is long and summer is short, and winter is cold. From October to the winter season in March, a full 5-6 months of time is walking in the winter. At that time, the power was scarce. When it was winter, it was dark in the morning, and it was spent almost every day under candles and kerosene lamps Marlboro Lights. The kerosene lamp accompanied us through the long night, day after day. At that time, the candle was basically a luxury product, because it did not burn, and a candle would last for two days. In order to save the candle, the father bought a kerosene lamp. Its shape is very simple and beautiful. It has a transparent and bright lampshade. There is a wick inside and a small belly with kerosene. You can watch it at any time when you are short of oil. There are also adjustment screws that can adjust the brightness of the wick at any time. It is not only more resistant to burning than candles, but also brighter than candles and not always cut candlesticks. After the candle is lit, you should always cut the candle with a scissors Cigarettes Online. Otherwise, if the candle burns for a long time, it will be turbulent and uneasy. It will sway back and forth, sometimes it will emit smoke, and people will not see things clearly. At this time, the candle core is cut with a scissors, and it will be restored. The kerosene lamp does not have this phenomenon, it always brings light to people in a posture. Its core will take a long time, if not, the mother will trim it with scissors, and it will continue to shine. The father loves to do some small things, the stools at home, the table is his own. When he saw the benefits of the kerosene lamp, he pondered that he used a large medicine bottle to make a simple small kerosene lamp, drilled an eye on the bottle cap, stuffed a thick cotton cord into the bottle, made the wick, and installed the kerosene. It can be ignited. But it did not buy a kerosene lamp, its wick ignited like a bean. It is darker, often after the meal, in the room to illuminate without doing anything. After my brother and I finished the meal, if you want to write homework, you should use the kerosene lamp you bought. The mother puts the table on the table and wipes the kerosene lampshade. We read and write on the table. Under the dim light, there was a mother's kind eyes, and she often sat down on the kerosene lamp to make up the chores. What about my father? Usually, he is not at home. Those friends who go to see him after dinner will not come back until late. When he comes back, my brother and I have already entered a dream. Only the mother waited for him under the dim light. The years under the kerosene lamp have so far recalled that it is so far and warm Parliament Cigarettes. In my vaguely remembered memory, my brother was two years older than me, and he also entered school two years earlier. When he went home to school and wrote under the lamp at night, I was envious and looked envious. I hope that I can carry my schoolbag to school as soon as possible, so my mother taught me to recite the law and study with my brother. I also used his crayon to paint on his used book and draw a little girl with a braid. To draw a simple house, the mother taught me to draw a "2" into a duckling. After the brother finished his homework, the mother will tell us the story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, or give us a guess of the riddle, what, the hemp account, the red house, and a white fat man. I immediately rushed to shout: peanuts, peanuts. Otherwise, I will cover my mother's scarf, groping around and screaming at them, and whoever caught it will be covered with a scarf. Under the kerosene lamp, we heard the bursts of laughter. When we listened to the storytelling, we opened the small radio, and the whole family didn��t talk. We listened quietly (Yue Feichuan), (Yang Jiajun), etc., all the thoughts. Will fall and fall with the storytelling, a heart hanging. But by the time, the radio said, predicting what happened, and listening to it tomorrow. I had to wait for the next day with hope. So cold and summer, year after year, my brother and I grew up under the kerosene lamp. Later, the family conditions were good, and the kerosene lamp was gradually eliminated by the years. It was placed in the warehouse, and only when it was during the Spring Festival, was it turned out by the mother to polish it, and it was used to protect the light inside the warehouse in New Year's Eve. I sometimes think that my kerosene lamp is really a hero Wholesale Cigarettes. It not only accompany us, but also gives us light, and still guards the warehouse on New Year's Eve. Until then it was completely eliminated, because the electric light was also pulled in the warehouse, the kerosene lamp has become history Newport Cigarettes, the mother probably thought about its benefits, and has not been willing to throw it. It was covered in dust and quietly lying in the corner and crying silently. Crying it's glory days, crying it was forgotten. But no way, this is an unchangeable reincarnation. On a certain day of the month of a certain year, it completely disappeared from our lives because of moving. But the years under the kerosene lamp, now in retrospect, still feel so soft, so warm. Despite the passing of time and current events, it will always illuminate my childhood, and the young will always warm my inner world.
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