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You come to the world
You come to the world with shouting, I don��t know if you were in pain or fright at that time; you left the world silently, I don��t know if you are lonely or contented. The birth of a person is a disaster. It is a kind of suffering for a person to live. When a person leaves, it may be a time of defeat, or she has ever had a gorgeous flower Marlboro Red, or her small bones have not yet stretched and have begun to lose. I hope to see that the flower buds have begun to fall Newport 100S. The fruit has already been exposed Carton Of Cigarettes. There are many people who have not yet started to meet and are going to make a permanent farewell. He once disturbed the masters of local culture masters. At that time, because the stimulating literary cells nourished the body everywhere, they could only end up being "How many autumns I was just a bystander, handcuffs in the sleeves, Look at other people's harvest, and smell a little far away." At that time, the nerves that started to be crazy and had a newborn calf and not afraid of tigers were looking for local writers in various ways, because at that time, I thought that only the local culture with thick and grounded atmosphere could let myself go slowly on this road. Going out, going to a bigger circle, or one day, if you don��t speak well, you will suddenly appear in a group of local cultures in Huizhou. He will be disturbing him at night and attach himself to the time. The most proud piece of text. When asked how he can better create and write more electrophysical works, he said it is very simple: "multiple reading Newport Cigarettes Coupons, diligent writing, good observation, and extensive accumulation." Obviously the answer to him at that time was not satisfied with himself. Because what I want is to share with you the essence that I have accumulated over the past few decades, just like the martial arts who have cultivated several layers of skill to teach the best of the best. Later, I found out that I was wrong. In the process of walking slowly after that, I knew that it was the scholastic study of the literary world in his life. It was practical to make a fuss, just like the making of adobe bricks in the countryside, "three feet and two scorpions twenty-four. "The bottom of the foot", the sturdy adobe brick is also a step in the past. It was previously known that he published a novel collection "The sky is floating in the sky". He also knows that he has many works scattered in "Flying", "Fiction Monthly", "Gansu" Daily newspapers, "Gansu People's Daily", "Silver Literature" and other well-known books, magazines and newspapers in and outside the province. Because of the eager and unrealistic "dreams" of Huai��s eagerness to walk away from the magic, I pursued a mentor who could learn to sneak out the "martial arts". I did not seriously read his words, and the nerve cells slowly shrank. Calmly, I began to think about the baptism of the temple that I had been worshipping. I remembered him and his "read more, write, observe, and accumulate." This is the high wall that I bumped down all the way to get the thickest and I can't really have to face it. What I lack is this. Later, I began to read his text slowly and carefully. Every text I could read, I think I should bring a book, and a cover letter printed on the book "Flying in the sky is cloudy" to visit him. He respectfully asked him to leave his ink on the title page of the book. When I was sensible, I knew him from the beginning and he knew his words. He was sick but not swearing. He was poor but self-satisfied. He was the writer of the local culture of Huizhou or a soul that made people feel venerable. Make a home. He is the writer of Zhangzhou Wang, the 30-year primary school teacher, the member of the Gansu Provincial Writers Association, the member of the Gansu Provincial Folk Literature and Art Association Marlboro Lights, the literary enthusiast and the literary protagonist. His works are scattered in Feitian and Gansu Daily, "Fiction Monthly", "Gansu People's Daily", "Silver Literature" and other newspapers and magazines inside and outside the province. I have won many awards for literary and artistic works in and outside the province. I miss the fact that Mr. Zhang Dewang is away from us. I hope that another world will be disease-free. He has already been awake before we wake up.
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